• Swaziland Cultural Village Dancers

Swazi Cultural Village

This is one of the few opportunities you will have to experience genuine Swazi culture that is not to be missed. This experience will provide you with 'first hand' knowledge of the daily life in a Swazi village.

This Village is built with traditional thatch (grass) huts and is a living village; the chief is looking for his third wife and situated between at the border to Swaziland on the South African side. So you do not cross the border to Swaziland. This will give you an idea of the traditions and customs of the African people. Enjoy their tribal dancing followed by a sumptuous buffet meal – included in the tour price.

This is definitely an adventure not to be missed with the main focus being introduced to the real people of Swaziland, no actor’s, just true Swazi people performing for you. Get a glimpse 'behind the scenes', while you enjoy the rich culture of a genuine Swazi Village.

What makes this tour extra special is that it does not only provide visitors a taste of the rural life in Swaziland, but also provides a source of income for the local families. This income helps these local families to remain self-sufficient without them having to migrate into the towns to find employment.